Hunting vampires? Look no further. Beyond the cherished heritage and succulent Dracula-like landscapes of Romania- is the splendor of the Snagov Palace.

Staying at Snagov Palace located in Bucharest, Romania has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Usually only delegates, Royals, communists, presidents and stars such as Michael Jackson have been able to spend the night in one of the rooms in the palace. However, fortunately Romania extended their hospitality and rolled out the red carpet for me, where I was given access to the entire palace to stay in an arresting alchemy of full-on seduction meets THRILLER.

If anyone has ever watched the movie, “The Haunting” from 1999 – that’s how it felt to sleep at the Palatal Snagov Castle at night. 🧛🏾‍♂️ It was truly an unrivaled experience.

Why? Bucharest, only a couple hours from Transylvania, one of the few places left where you can still find the way of life of hundreds of years ago, when nature and human beings were so much more in harmony. The ‘Paris of the East’ – is an eccentric cocktail of faded elegance, failed megalomania and flashy glamour and the Snagov Palace is the emblem of a bewitching time warp of luxury intertwined with Romanian history meets vampire territory ignited.

Flanked by giant ferns and bantams, consumed by vines – the Palace has rich heritage and identity translated through a curvilinear fortress and garden terrace.

Not only are the windows carefully positioned to serve as a lens into a state of hypnotism by the undulating shades of ochre that short with changing light in a courtyard that turns from blue to dusk, but the bathrooms are dramatic with botanical patterns, eclectic chandeliers and 17th century detailed craftsmanship.

The water behind the palace looked like a deep blue velvet blanket nested in untouched corners, with solemn antique furniture against windows with views, imagery and the essence of Dracula dominating the cultural landscapes and its pristine history.

Bucharest is truly a timeless place of natural beauty and architectural wonder where it will leave you thirsty for more, once you take a bite out of its beauty.

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