Looking for a new side hustle? Look no further.

Become a remote assistant

If you are going to work from anywhere and aren’t in an office, bring the office to you. “Your Remote Assistant” (www.yourremoteassistant.com) is a great way to make extra cash by helping many investors and startups who need administrative assistance and have a limited budget. There are opportunities to provide administrative services such as sales support, as lead and CRM management, web research, documents processing, data-entry, calendar management, travel arrangements, customer service support and more.

Become a micro-influencer.

If you have an IG account and want to be able to make some quick cash from it, now’s your chance. Heartbeat will pair ambassador with brands that they can represent. You’ll get to try new products and up your gram game.

Pick up work as a freelance copywriter or designer.

I’ve worked on various projects, from major marketing and PR campaigns to filing financial copy, all without leaving my home. Same rules apply if you’re a designer. Companies all over the world are looking for logos, websites, apps and more, right now. Sign up for freelance job alerts from platforms like Upwork and People Per Hour and get applying.

Launch an online course.

Demand for e-learning courses is growing quickly. If you’ve got a skill to share, there’s a high chance people will pay for it. Check out e-learning platform Udemy.

Try Amazon Affiliates.

Sure, affiliate marketing may sound scammy, but it’s a great side earner that requires almost zero effort. Amazon Affiliates is my favorite. Link it up to your blog and you’ll earn money every time someone clicks on one of your links and purchases anything on Amazon within 24 hours.

Become a coach.

After IT, coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the world. Right now, there’s huge demand for all kinds of coaches, from career coaches to dating coaches. If you’re an expert in something, all you need is a Skype account. Helping people and getting paid in the process? Sign me up.

Write an eBook.

Whether you want to ghostwrite for someone else or pen your own title, eBooks are worth exploring if you love to write. Upwork, Funds for Writers and The Write Life all post eBook jobs on the regular.

Pitch your travel stories to the media

Go to http://whopayswriters.com to see what their average rate is for first-time contributors and start the negotiations from there.
You should be able to get five articles out of one vacation (if you’ve angled your content properly). If you keep your average pay rate at $350, then you’ve made $1,750. So, just make sure you travel on or around that budget!
Voila, you’ve taken a $2,000 trip and made back $1,750 dollars, you’ve gotten brand exposure and now you can continue building your travel writing press portfolio!

Spend time on Fiverr.

Want to turn your time into cash? Enter Fiverr. Data entry, quick Photoshop jobs, proofreading… it’s all here and more.

Use your voice.

Literally. Voiceover work is lucrative, and open to pretty much anyone with a distinctive tone or accent. Voice123 can help.

Sell your stock photos.

You’ve got great Instagram game and love taking photos. So why not start selling your work to websites such as Shutterstock and Dreamstime?

Complete online surveys.

Everyone has an opinion. Share yours and get paid for it by signing up with Survey Junkie and Pinecone Research.

Try out tutoring.

If education is your thing, online tutoring is a great earner. You can find people looking for help with their homework on Eduboard.

Teach English.

There’s huge demand for native English speakers to Skype with pupils in Hong Kong, UAE and beyond. Remote.co and Learn4Good often post remote English teaching jobs.

Be a virtual assistant.

No matter where you are, you can get paid to do other people’s admin without having to go to the office. Genius! Check out sites like FlexJobs for listings.

House sit.

Your job is to sit in the house, turn the lights on and off at appropriate times, and *maybe* check the mail. Sounds pretty chill, no?
A number of websites, such as TrustedHousesitters.com, House Sitters America, The Caretaker Gazette, Mind My House among others, provide listings for a fee (ranging from $20 to $60 depending on the membership), but consider this an investment. Try creating an account on multiple websites to increase your chances of being chosen for a coveted house–sit job.
Planning ahead is the key, since it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to fully flesh out the details of a contract.

Launch an Etsy shop.

Craft enthusiasts are making top paper on Etsy, and with companies like Shipstation, shipping stuff out is so much easier than it used to be.

Become an influencer/ambassador

Get paid to travel as an ambassador for a clothing company, photography/film, etc. The opportunities as an ambassador are endless. There are even opportunities to be a Cannabis ambassador.
For example, “Heavy Hitters Originals ambassadors.” Essentially, these ambassadors will represent the brand at cannabis events and on social media. For example, Heavy Hitters hires 20 ambassadors for travel campaigns. Each person hired for the job will be paid $1,200 a month. Additionally, they will get $500 in credit for Heavy Hitters products. In effect, that translates into free cannabis.

Become a blogger/vlogger or start a Podcast

If you enjoy writing or being in front of a camera, why not create a blog with videos and then monetize it and start a podcast too!

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