Arbol is the newest experience of elevated coastal cuisine from the renowned Rosewood Resorts, and is truly a feast for the senses.

With lantern-laden sculpted trees, luminous, chic and interconnected designs, vibrant colors and the most intricate of culinary presentations – Arbol showcases the bounty of the sea using a trove of exotic spices, culinary traditions from India as well as a wealth of pan-Asian influences.

The Mexican-Mediterranean Resort is a kaleidoscope of nature and human aspiration with a meandering network of terraces, terra-cotta fireplaces, ocean-view suites, conchuela tiles, hand-carved cedar doors, a topography of swim-up bars amongst glowing lights and the magic of mermaids drifting and playing beside you as they swim through a heated-Oasis pool connected to the most enchanted grotto.

The kinetic energy of the restaurant’s display kitchen spills over to the dining room from Arbol’s tandoor and charcoal ovens and simmering woks. The sensational curated taste intertwined with eclectic music and the delicacy of attention in each dish prepared – transports guests from both the resort and Los Cabos on an unforgettable journey. It’s no wonder Las Ventanas al Paraiso has garnered a reputation of being among the world’s most heralded and award-winning resorts since it opened in 1997, setting the standard for luxury and the most prestigious service in Latin America.

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