Exclusively designed for those who admire the finer things in life, the Palazzo Versace Dubai hotel and residences is a palatial, opulent haven that merges a traditional neo-classical Italian palace with Arabic architectural elements from the essence of the 16th-century.

The iconic motifs of Versace are present in each detail such as the gleaming marble, iconic Medusa head, Greek key and the House’s legendary prints with the finest interior designs the soar in elegance and beauty.

With 3,000kg of handblown Bohemian lance and pink hue glass that shape the label’s signature floral pattern into a lighting sculpture that blazes above the lobby. The hotel also has ceilings that are hand-detailed among the 1.5 million hand-cut mosaic floor designs that have been delicately positioned piece by piece – the hotel is an enrichment of its own distinct quality.

With over 215 rooms and massive suite including a 4,000-square-feet penthouse Imperial Suite and eight restaurants and bars, guests can enjoy a feast fit for a Sheikh while you sit on studded Baroque-style furniture using designs and fabrics that are enchanting.

Located in the proximity of one of Dubai’s most prestigious regions along the shores of Dubai Creek and set in the heart of Culture Village by the fashion-forward D3 design district – it was even styled by Alan Rohwer. Alan has been Donatella Versace’s ‘right’-hand who truly captivates guests, and make you wonder why you even ‘left’ to go because it is a place worth staying.

Whether it’s an Arabian day or an Arabian night – if you rubbed on a lamp and had only one wish that could be granted — the Palazzo Versace Dubai hotel truly makes dreams come true and even glamorous in reality.

“In Italian there is an expression: We don’t sleep on the fame.” – Donatella Versace

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