Wearable Tech is chic not geek

Women are the future, literally. That is why wearable tech, fashion tech, IoT and VR/AR are the newest in innovation. Just recently, many regions across North America have announced they are passing a legislation that’s aimed at reducing the gender pay gap by forcing companies to be more transparent about wages. More money means buying more fashion and with fashion comes new innovations in style! Some girls like their money where they can see it, whether it’s in their closet or even on their wrist or eyes! That is why Wearable Tech is the future! However, how do we empower women to empower other women through innovations in tech?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Help create an even brighter future for females by supporting women in Tech

Encourage more women and diverse teams to participate in building hardware and software products as designers, product managers and developers or being founders of their own companies, as supporting female entrepreneurs. This will help create more jobs for women.

  1. The era of #FEMTECH is here to stay. Spread the word.

From smart eyewear, smart watches, to smart footwear and smart clothing… this is the era of wearable and fashion tech. Fashion related industries are seeing rises in innovation and collaboration within the tech space, dominated by software development. For example, there are amazing things happening in the development of new fabrics and the construction of garments, driven by the use and incorporation of technology.

  1. Get involved

Find other girls in the tech space through events, mentorship and educational programs. There are so many networks of local ambassadors, partners and communities. The Female Tech community is composed of startup founders, SMEs, industry experts, accelerators, incubators, industry partners, bloggers, journalists and investors.

  1. Get in touch with influencers in tech

Amanda Cosco, founder of Electric Runway (Canada) Elina Nurkka, textile engineer at Bravado Designs (Canada) and Helen Papagiannis, AR researcher, author, designer and technology evangelist (Canada) are all examples of females in Canada who are making a difference in tech.

  1. Innovate the future with other females to help sustain it

Collaborate with other females on how to make wearable tech more trendy, especially when you travel. In the past few years, the publicly accepted reason it hasn’t been as trendy, is that wearable accessories have mostly been considered something women have thought of to mostly wear to get fit and healthy. However, Wearable tech is great for so many reasons and can be fashionable and promote safety, especially for those who love to travel solo! Be bold. Start the trend of not just using tech but wearing tech!

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