Travel Gear 101: A Solo Travelers Guide

Are you newer to traveling solo? Have no fear. I’ve got all the tips and suggestions for your travel gear.

Photography Stuff

DroneX Pro

A brand new type of drone made so that anyone fly it. It’s perfect for taking the ultimate selfies!

Try to picture having a mini drone inside your pocket and use it for a million ways you could ever imagine, whenever and wherever you want to. Well, this idea is really happening.

First, there was the standard selfie, then the selfie stick, and now the next evolution of the selfie has arrive

Sony A7Riii

My first “professional camera” is this mirrorless Sony A7Riii, which I got based on the recommendations of a handful of my favorite fellow bloggers, influencers and photographers. I basically asked them all what professional camera I could get that was the best, and would take photos somewhat similar to the adventure ones I make with a GoPro (“but like…better.”). So far all the photos have been STUNNING even though I keep it on Auto settings since I haven’t fully learned how to do anything else, but I feel like I don’t even need to because of how great the pictures come out!

I also love that it’s not too heavy, and small enough for me to carry in my purse, as well as use on a lightweight travel tripod! Highly recommended!

Zoom Landscape Lens

I also knew nothing about the lenses you need for the fancy professional cameras, and was super confused when my colleagues tried explaining them. To be honest, I ended up going to Best Buy and having one of the guys there help me pick something out that again would “take photos similar to the ones I do with a GoPro”.

Without a question he recommended this one: a Zeiss 24-70 mm, which means it zooms in and out, and also gets a full landscape frame. For someone just starting out with a professional camera like me, this lens is perfect because you don’t have to switch it, and it can give you close up portrait shots, as well as landscape shots.

Travel Tripod

I was definitely worried that I would have to carry around a heavy, bulky tripod as opposed to the selfie-stick-tripod I use for a GoPro, but I found one like this that is super compact, less than a pound, and fits in my (big) purse! It’s really easy to expand and contract, so setting it up with my only takes just a couple of minutes! It also comes with attachments to use with a GoPro and phone!

DJI Mavick Pro

This little thing can create photo and video wonders and is small and light enough to travel with! It’s a bit pricey, but worth it in my opinion, especially if you’re looking to start a career in blogging, social media, or video! The Mavic Pro is easy to set up and get in the air, plus has super smart robot technology that makes it nearly impossible to crash, lose, or run out of batteries!

A lot of people ask about drone regulations and stuff, and to be honest with you, I have to look them up before entering countries, but a lot of times I forget to. That’s because I have yet to get stopped with my Mavic, I assume because it folds up and looks like a video camera? But regardless, definitely do your research! I also find that looking up places where they’re illegal or banned sometimes is easier than keeping track of where they’re allowed! (From experience I know they’re banned in Budapest, Morocco, and Kenya).

GoPro Hero 6

The latest GoPro model that boasts enhanced quality for both filming and photos, plus goes a little deeper in the water than the 5. I love it for on-th-go photos and filming, and also for getting those fish-eye angles at high heights, but I have to admit that now that I have the Sony, it’s hard to compare! Still though, this camera is what took the majority of my photos in 2017, and as you can see on my Instagram, they’re pretty legit!

GoPro Hero 5

Hero 5: The second latest GoPro version that doesn’t require housing unless it’s for mounting or going scuba diving. The quality is amazing and the built-in touch screen makes it easy to aim, capture, and preview photos. It’s pretty similar to the latest model, and way cheaper, so a great option for your first travel camera.

Both models have built-in wireless that connects to your phone – which is how I preview and take all of my photos! For tips on all of that fun stuff see:

Funeso Pink Selfie-Stick/Tripod                      Luxebell Selfie Stick


Funeso Pink Selfie Stick: This is the exact stick you see in my Snapchats/Instagram stories when I’m showing off “Who’s taking the picture”. It collapses to about 9inches, and has a removable tripod foot, both of which easily fit in my purse.

Luxebell Selfie Stick: A more discrete, lightweight, and longer selfie stick pole. This brand lasted longer than most others that I’ve tried, but be sure to rinse it off and dry it if you take it in water!

Featured Product: Rotating Spivo Stick

For video content creators, this accessory is a must! It’s called the Spivo Stick, and it has a 180 degree rotating mount at the end of it that allows to you switch from “selfie-view” to point-of-view with the simple press of a button on its handle! This ends up making some awesome perspective footage, and minimizes filming and editing times!

GoPro Batteries

 SanDisk Micro SD Card

GoPro Batteries: Always a good idea. Just make sure you get the right ones for the right cameras; the new GoPro Hero 5 unfortunately has a different type of battery as the earlier models.

SanDisk Micro SD Card: The annoying essential that’s a must but always confusing to figure out which one to get. Sandisk Extreme is recommended by GoPro for their cameras, and the higher memory you can get the better.

GoPro Dome

GoPro Dome by Split: This funny looking contraption is what takes those awesome over-under water shots! That’s right, people aren’t just talented at making the water go halfway up their GoPros, the shots are done with this massive bubble like lens that you attach your GoPro to in the back!

Essential Gadgets

SkyRoam Global  Hotspot

MacBook Air

SkyRoam: This little gadget is literally what allows me to be a digital nomad! It gives me Wifi and data for my phone and laptop in almost every country I go to! I love it so much that I’m one of their global ambassadors (which I asked to be!) and often promote them just because I’m obsessed with it.

MacBook Air: I would not be able to do anything that I’m doing without this laptop. It’s thin and lightweight and literally fits in my purse, so I can easily take it everywhere and use it at anytime. The memory isn’t huge, but that’s what external drives are for!

Portable Power Bank                                  Universal Adapter

           Portable Power Bank: There’s tons of options for portable power banks that are probably cheaper than GoPro’s, but it’s the one I personally use so as promised, I’ve listed it! It stores enough battery to recharge your phone and GoPro once and you can charge them at the same time.

Universal Adapter: This little gadget is so simple yet SO essential! You’ll never even have to worry about what plugs are used where because this little thing has ALL of them. Plus it has two USB slots so you can charge multiple devices at once!

GoPro Remo

GoPro Quick Key


GoPro Remo: This is a portable remote for your GoPro that allows you to press the button or verbally send commands to your GoPro instead of actually pushing the buttons on the camera. I typically just use the Capture app from my phone, but in the event that the Wifi won’t connect, or I don’t want to take my phone somewhere (i.e. anywhere near water) I use the remote.

GoPro Quik Key: Another item I use if my Wifi is being weird; this is basically a Micro SD adapter that plugs into your phone so you can have instant access to all of your photos and videos.

External Hard Drive

External Hard Drive: If you plan on taking a lot of photos and videos, or if you’re a digital nomad like me, you DEFINITELY need to get an external hard drive to back everything up on! Well, that and I also need it because I ran out of space on my laptop…

Bags and Luggage

Ricardo Beverly Hills              Harvey’s Seatbelt Bag

                 Compression Bags

Compression Bags: This brand of compression bags (AKA vacuum-less space saver bags for travel) has proven to be the easiest to use and the most sturdy. These things are literally the big secret to how I travel for extended periods with only a carry-on. I simply lay all of my clothes flat and then smoosh them down with these compression bags!

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