Do you want to know the secret Travel Hacks that only jet setters know? Read on:
Set up price alerts
If you know where you want to go, and you are at least a few months out, now may not be the best time to buy. Download the Hopper app and do a search on Google Flights, and if the price isn’t yet right, set an alert. This is also a reminder to Always Be Planning.)
Sign up for airline emails
Sign up from airlines newsletters: JetBlue, for example, frequently sends out flash sale emails. Similarly, following airlines on social media can help you stay in the loop with quick sales and promotions. Also, websites like Airfarewatchdog are great for finding top-notch flight prices, thanks to flight-tracker alerts that notify you when prices drop.
Take advantage of free stopovers
Free stopovers give you the chance to get two trips out of one vacation: without paying twice as much for flights. A number of airlines offer stopover programs, though one of the best known is Icelandair. You can extend your layover in Iceland for up to seven days (at no additional cost).
Get the perfect seat
Where you sit on a flight can make all the difference. SeatGuru helps savvy travelers examine every detail of an airplane seat before it’s too late to make a change. Find out whether you’ll be close to a bathroom, if you can count on power outlets, what the seat pitch is, or if that seat will recline. There are user reviews so you can get a sense of what the experience was like for other travelers.
Pre-board early on select Airlines
While American Airlines doesn’t service peanuts on board, it does serve a variety of other nuts in premium cabins. And the airline “can’t guarantee our customers won’t be exposed to peanuts during their trip.”
Use the 24-hour rule.
Take advantage of the 24-hour rule, which allows travelers to cancel tickets on most airlines without a fee within 24 hours of booking. In 2017, check one last time for a better price, or jump on a flash airfare sale—even if you still need to ask your boss for time off. Don’t tag your baggage incorrectly
Never put your name and address on the luggage tag, it allows thieves to know your home is likely to be empty for the next week or so. Just put a postal code or phone number.
Timing is everything
The best time to book your ticket: 2:30 p.m. E.T. on Tuesday. Most tickets are bought on the weekend. It takes a day or so to process those tickets, then the airline puts the leftover inventory on sale. 
Drink lots of water
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Airplane cabin air is less than 20% humidity. That’s even drier than the Sahara, which is 25% humidity. You’ll become dehydrated much faster in a dry environment, so try to fill up a water bottle before your flight.
Cheap eats. Good eats.
To enjoy a real experience, eat where the locals eat. It may not always be glamorous, but don’t be afraid to try something new. Also, if there are lots of people eating there, the regular turnover of food will mean it’s fresh.
Whenever I travel, I’ve found the most affordable ones are when I’ve found that when I walk-by and look in the window, seniors are mostly eating there.
I’ve found some of the most tastiest restaurants are the ones where, well… some of the individuals who truly look like they’ve enjoyed a meal or two prior are mostly there.
Pre-order a meal at the airport
Use the Grab app to pre-order a meal of your choice at the airport, and have it ready for you when you arrive. The app allows you to search restaurants that are nearby your terminal, as well as those on the way to your gate. It’s available at more than 40 airports in the U.S.
Freeze your water
You know you can’t bring a bottle of water through airport security—unless you freeze it.
Easily access Wi-Fi
If you want Wi-Fi on the flight (and your airline doesn’t offer it for free, like JetBlue or Virgin America), buy it before you board. You’ll save money and make a more rational decision on what you can and should pay for internet access.
Also take advantage of this handy map with Wi-Fi information from airports around the world.
Easily rebook a delayed or canceled flight
Dealing with canceled or delayed flights can be a headache. That’s where Freebird comes in, offering travelers a free and quick travel protection option. For a flat fee of $19 for one-way flights and $34 for round-trip flights, travelers will be alerted if their flights is delayed or canceled. When that happens, Freebird delivers options to book another available flight, which can be done on mobile without ever waiting in line.
Order a special meal to get fed first
Whether you order a vegetarian or Kosher meal – you are almost guaranteed to receive your meal before anyone else.
Put your flight number down on your car rental booking.
Adding your flight number can serve as an extra precaution should you have an issue with your flight. With the flight information included, the car rental company will know if you’ll be arriving late, should your flight get canceled or delayed. It’s one less thing to worry about in a stressful situation.
Download your airline’s app
Most travelers don’t travel enough to think that they need to  download these apps. The truth is, airlines invest a ton of money into producing them so they often offer tremendous value. These apps give you real time updates on delays, gate changes, and you allow you a streamlined and paperless boarding system. Flight apps give you more peace of mind when you are rushing to the airport.
Find hotel discounts in real-time
Priceline recently released a new feature on its free iPhone app, Road Deals, that enables travelers to get real-time information on discounts and deals for hotels along their route. The hotels are automatically updated as you go along your journey, with the option to make a booking in seconds. Simply but in your preferred budget and number of stars, and the app will take care of finding the best options for you.
Look into city passes
Traveling to a major urban center? Opting for a city pass can help you save if you want to hit up the popular tourist attractions.

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