Nestled in Speightstown, the Cobblers Cove Hotel is the enchantment of English country comfort and Caribbean charm, offering both the relaxed privacy of a family-owned, colonial plantation home and the attentive service of one of the top luxury boutique hotels in Barbados.

Immerse in Five-star cuisine in a colonial plantation environment at the Camelot Restaurant and savour the flavours of the culinary and cultural traditions of Barbados that connect you to its land, people and ocean and captivates your imagination while tantalizing your taste buds.

From the selection of cotton and linen clothing at their Saltwhistle boutique, to the cotton swabs provided in their rooms on the vanity table – the Cobblers Cove Hotel offers a heady wealth of history and heritage, alongside a pink and near-perfectly white haven.

Most of the art is an original, commissioned for the hotel from local artists and pottery makers, along with paintings that were curated on-site by a British artist, hung among the watermelon, tropical blue and rose furnishings.

Perched along the picturesque landscapes, the flora and fauna at Cobblers Cove is a tranquil paradise full of lush tropical floral gardens and sweeping views of the Atlantic coastline. From being able to sight the Hawksbill Sea Turtles in the bay or taking in the sunset after sipping on complimentary tea, scones, homemade sandwiches and decadent desserts in the early evening – this ‘home is sweeter than any home’.

On Tuesday evenings, house guests are greeted by the General Manager and his family at a Cocktail party. At nightfall, Cobblers Cove is also celebrated by the chorus of whistling Tree Frogs, Black and Cobbler Birds along with other island creatures that look and sound as poetic as a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Guests who lay in the comfort of each suite can enjoy the luxury and beauty of the colonial plantation house with the elegance of an English country bedroom in a bougainvillea-filled oasis. In each room, is a selection of library books to replace television sets, to truly escape and unwind in this fairytale setting that is part of history.

Upon awakening from the love spell of this beach-front property, is complimentary water sports provided by partners of Cobblers Cove, who have an assortment of tailor-made activities to experience the magic of Barbados and have it remain a treasured memory.

If you want luxury and serenity, you can’t get better than the privacy of this historic home in the Brim Shire.

The Cobblers Cove Hotel is truly an invitation to discover your next travel story, relax, rejuvenate and elevate your senses.

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