Located in Marrakech, the spa at the Royal Mansour captures the essence of Casablanca, with immaculate white zelliges throughout the fairytale structured atriums.

Nestled in the privacy of the courtyard of the Royal Mansour, this extraordinary treasure awaits those who seek to find relaxation, rejuvenation and tranquility.

Upon arrival, one may feel a warm celebration of the art of living through the sounds of the trickling water and chirping birds.

The large pool is an endless inspiration of elegant blue met by the vibrant gardens bordering basins and bouquets of exotic flowers.

The rigorous geometry of the spa demonstrates the skills of the master craftsmen and is a tantalization to the senses.

Once you are in the spa, one may feel they are on an enchanting journey through time and space, surrounded by pure Berber charm.

With each step, inhale the divine olfactory driven perfumes along with a range of organic oils and cosmetics inspired by precious ingredients such as argan, cedar, jasmine, orange blossom and rose.

Luxury and pleasure intertwine as you gaze at the genuine glasswork and design that truly define the stories that are inspired by the depths of ages, moral tales and even satires.

The ground floor of the spa features an Oasis of two Hammams, a hairdressing salon with its private manicure and pedicure suites, a Watsu bath area and a boutique shop.

The Spa at the Royal Mansour Marrakech is not only a fitness, wellness and health area, it also mirrors the Palace’s majestic qualities that enables guests from all over to an exclusive escape to another world, like no other.

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