From glass igloos — to dessert domes — to countryside cocoons — to exotic bubble hotels — if you can’t swing a trip to sleep in a bubble under Iceland’s Northern Lights this winter, plan B — dining in a heated igloo or glamping in a desert is the next best thing .

Here are a list of some of the coolest ice hotels and igloos in the world for any glamping enthusiast who enjoys breathtaking vistas and unforgettable experiences:

Near Nyang Nyang beach in Bali in the Uluwatu area, the inflatable tents at the Bubble Hotel in Bali have outdoor showers and ‘bathrooms’ that are only 10 minutes from the jungle, surrounded by monkeys and the perfect setting for a romantic evening at sunset.

If you go from hilltop-to-hilltop in Finland’s icy Lake Torassieppi region, the Harriniva tents are located there and even heated! When you walk outside you are amongst the freshest air in the world in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.

Now a historic monument of cellular forms that fashion designer, Pierre Cardin’s Palais Bulles created. It has an interconnected web of domes built into the cliffside on the Côte d’Azur, a contemporary fusion of smooth, soft and interwoven dreams nested in an artistic paradise.

Experience the enchantment and majestic aurora, under the sleepless stars and Northern Lights in these glass igloos, located at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland, located 155 miles north of the Arctic Circle — a private hideaway to indulge the senses.

With exquisite Mountain View’s, the resilient bubble hotel pods at the Wadi Rum Night Luxury camp in Jordan are hyper-futuristic along blanketed desert charm, sun terraces and red sand dunes.


(Credit: Four Seasons Resort and Residences, Whistler)

Nestled under a floor of frozen water lies the secret ice cave setting for this unique, private dining experience. Sitting below the cathedral like cave of blue, Four Seasons Executive Sous Chef, David Baarschers, will enchant guests with his culinary craftsmanship while they bask in the beauty of the elaborate grand hall of ice at the BlueRoom in Whistler, British Columbia.

For $20K – 2 guests or more will be transported to the secluded location by a Mercedes limousine transfer from Four Seasons Resort and Residences and by a private helicopter journey with Head-Line Mountain Holidays. During the scenic flight to Canada’s largest, southernmost ice field to explore an evolving landscape of ice, guests can take in the surrounding alpine region from above as they soar between rocky and ancient volcanic peaks, and over towering ancient old growth forests.

The bubbles at the 5 Million Star Hotel are surrounded by snow during the winter in Iceland’s Golden Circle, in a secret lagoon near Reykjavik. Visitors can stargaze as the aurora dances in the sky in the valley between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.

Stay in a king-sized bed in a snowglobe-like hotel, composed of 15 geodesic pods that make up the Whitepod hotel in the Swiss Alps. With a chalet atmosphere, pellet stove and breakfast served directly in bed — explore the pristine nature of your alpine dreams, awakened.

Located in Sydney, the Bubbletent in Australia is hidden away, nestled on unmatched seclusion of 1000-acres and overlooks the second-biggest canyon in the world. With a warm wood-firer hot tub, this hotel is the perfect match for any outdoor enthusiast.

Located 90-minutes below the Mexican border, Valle de Guadalupe has 10 eco-friendly bubble tents at Campera Hotel Burbuja that sit among the Baja California vineyards. It’s no wonder in-the-know wine lovers, those who enjoy glamping or who want to be comforted in a sphere of luxury and intimacy come here.

Tantalize your dreams and breathe new life into the manifestation of where your energy and matter come most alive! At Bubble lodge in the Bois Cheri jungle, it has views over the Cap Malheureux tea plantation in the Mauritius, with a fully renewable ecotourism mission to have no impact on the environment but will leave a impact in your memories to last a lifetime.

In London, Tower Bridge can be seen from the Perspex igloos at London’s Coppa Club, where in the summer they are sea-station surf bubbles and then transform into a winter in the cooler months.

Stay in a romantic Igloo Suite at Iglu-Dorf Gstaad, where you can enjoy the comfort of luxury with a private Jacuzzi, panoramic views and fondue in the heated Kota by the crackling fire or overlooking the majestic Swiss alps.


At Budapest’s 360 Bar, enjoy the skyline in the clear domes atop the tallest building on Andrássy Avenue, with signature cocktails in your hands, mouth-watering Mediterranean food in your mouth, gorgeous LIVE music in your warms and the feeling of perpetual bliss.

Stay in this Game of Thrones-Themed hotel, located nearly 200 km above the Arctic Circle at the Lapland Hotels SnowVillage. In collaboration with HBO Nordic in Finnish Lapland near Kittilä, this hotel has a SnowVillage molded from natural ice and sculpted into an array of shapes, sizes and designs.

The permanent ICEHOTEL in Sweden, is open 365 days a year, thanks to solar panels and it’s world-famous allure of snow houses. The Icehotel includes nine cold deluxe suites (with ensuite bath and sauna in a warm part of the room) and another 11 cold art suites, sculpted by artists that bring a new installation every year.


Located in Northern Norway, enjoy Reindeer blankets, insulated sleeping bags and a sauna at the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel. The hotel also organizes activities such as snowmobile safaris, husky sledding adventures, ice fishing, reindeer rides, and outings to see the Aurora Borealis at Sorrisniva.

While in Canada, Hotel de Glace, Quebec, the luxurious Hotel de Glace is designed and built every year in a matter of weeks. Features include a massive ice slide and a ice wedding chapel.

(Credit: Hotel de Glacé)

If you happen to be in NYC or Chicago, there are also neon igloos; however, a personal favorite since I’m a Canadian is the igloos at the InterContinental Hotel in Yorkville located in Toronto, Ontario.

Guests can book in advance or request on arrival (if you’re lucky) a seat at PROOF BAR that feature comfy couches, a table, blankets, twinkling lights next to a firepit, pretty much making your holiday dining dreams a reality now until early spring. Don’t worry, the outdoor heat lamps and comfortable blankets will keep you warm on even the coldest winter nights.

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