The best gear for the aspiring blogger and travel enthusiast

Whether you like to be behind the lens or the main focus, here are some travel gear suggestions. Read on...

The Gear

1) Camera & Accessories

A travel blog would be dead in the water without original content so I consciously choose a mirror-less camera over a DSLR because I just couldn’t spare the additional weight. Currently, I use a  Canon Rebel and a Panasonic Lumix

1a. Bluetooth Camera Remo

My Bluetooth remote helps me capture my signature wander onwards walk away moment.

Newer cameras will often have this function built in so check if this is a capability that’s already set up. It has a 100m radius so I’m sure to take advantage of that range for amazing scenic photography.

2b. Tripod

To get incredible shots with slower shutter speeds, you’re going to need a stable and sturdy tripod. Sure you can take photos by just pointing and shooting, but if you want to capture running water or slow down your shutter speed significantly to play with light and motion, you’re going to need a tripod. I have two – one for longer trips and one for shorter trips that I can absolutely recommend.

3c. Gimbal 

Meet the newest member of my Wander Onwards toolkit – the Movi Freefly Gimbal. This is NOT cheap, it was definitely the smartest move for me as someone who packs light and feels nervous carrying a DLSR camera around the world.

2) MacBook Air

As a creative, I tend to gravitate towards Apple products. Easy to use and resistant against viruses, I found that Apple has put together a series of product that fits for my lifestyle.

3) iPad Mini

Despite aging like a fine wine, my eyes aren’t getting any younger. I find it more and more difficult to limit myself to just an iPhone when it comes to reading directions, recommendations or books. For that reason, I always carry my iPad along for the ride so I can easily read books, edit photos.

4) iPhone X

Affiliate Platforms

Whenever you see bloggers or vloggers linking back to products or platforms that they’re reviewing or writing about, it’s likely that they earn a commission on that conversion or click. It takes HARD WORK to maintain a blog, social media, and your normal day-to-day life so affiliate networks like AWIN help publishers (like you) make a little bit of money on the side. AWIN connects you directly to thousands of brands (ASOS, Expedia, Etc) so you only have apply to the program once and then link back to the products that you use normally every single day. 

Become a Virtual Assistant

Work as a virtual assistant and marketing manager on UpWork.

Some of the offers include:

  • Podcast assistant 
  • Personal assistant
  • Blog writer
  • Content creator
  • Etc

Here’s how to you get started:

  1. Sign up and create a profile, add a photo (this is important), and then write a short intro about what you do, your experience, and why they should hire you. If you have anything that demonstrates the quality of your work, upload it onto your profile so people can see exactly how amazing you are!
  2. Have a search on jobs platform and narrow down what you’re good at with the experience level you possess. Getting hired for your first job is always a little bit frustrating because you don’t have any positive reviews to vouch for how awesome you are, but don’t give up! Instead, take a few lower paying jobs so you can gain some experience and credibility on the platform.
  3. Organize your preferred payment schedule and enter in your tax details. UpWork actually keeps all of your W9s in one play so it’s SUPER easy to file your taxes when the time comes.
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